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Conder Septic Tank 4000

Conder Septic Tank 4000
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Conder Septic Tank 4000
Overall Height 1700mm + Riser
Width 1660mm
Length 2470mm
Inlet Invert 1500mm
Outlet Invert 1480mm
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  • Model: Mill4m
  • Weight: 1.00kg

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The Conder Low Profile Septic Tank 4000 Litres

Made from polyurethane instead of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and suitable for properties with up to 9 bedrooms.
FREE 1000mm Adjustable Riser
Main Features:
    •    Low profile design for shallow dig installation.
    •    Durable HDPE structure.
    •    Lockable pedestrian cover.
    •    Variable invert options.
    •    Tested and approved to CE EN12566-1.
    •    Builtin filter system.

The Conder Millennium Septic Tank comes pre-fitted with a PF17 edge-type pre-filter. This useful filter stops all solid waste exiting the septic tank and entering the soakaway, the filter needs cleaning when the tank is emptied but it does not need to be replaced. Filter system also has an automatic outlet cut-off when cleaning the unit.
Easy Installation
Installation of the the Conder Millennium septic tank is made easy because of its heavy-duty build, there is no need for a concrete backfill when installing on a dry site and because of its low profile design only a shallow dig is necessary. 

Height 1.70m

Weight 157kg

Access 400mm

Inlet height to base 1.50m

Outlet height to base 1.48m 

Pipe Diameter 110mm

Have You Got a Grease Trap?

The Building Regulations (Approved Part H) requires any hot food premises to install BS EN1825 Grease traps /interceptors in its drain runs.
Please Check Out Our Grease Trap Range Click Here

About Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are like sewage treatment plants – just on a smaller scale.They are chambered,vary in size (typical capacities 2800-5000 litres) and are used for properties with no mains drainage connection.
Septic tanks have an inlet from the waste pipe of the property and an outlet into the drainage field or soak-away. The term “septic” refers to the process of anaerobic bacteria (does not need lots of oxygen) breaking down and mineralizing waste discharged into the tank.
When waste enters the first chamber, solids settle and a surface scum forms a 'crust'. Settled solids then get digested by the bacteria and the remaining liquid waste enters the second and third chambers where more settlement of the waste happens – are you keeping up? Finally, excess water flows out via the outlet to the drainage field for further treatment from the soil. Any remaining solid waste must be removed periodically by tanker.


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