SOLIDO SMART 12 Person Treatment Plant

SOLIDO SMART 12 Person Treatment Plant


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The NEW generation in decentralised wastewater treatment

Designed and tested in accordance with EN12566-3:2005 and the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads. This plant will produce a  nal ef uent quality better than 10:20:5 (BOD:SS:NH3) with a CE mark for 5:13:0.7

The Solido SMART solution makes decentralised wastewater treatment easier and more ef cient than ever. Trust its high-quality design and durable components to provide long- term performances and peace of mind for you and your family.

• Low operational cost, offering you long term savings.
• Discrete and silent treatment plant.
• Reduced installation and maintenance costs, Solido SMART tanks are lightweight, compact and have low installation depth requirements.
• Fully CE marked. Designed and tested in accordance with EN 12566-3.
• HDPE material - durable, recyclable and impact resistant.


The Solido SMART Sewage Treatment Plant requires a relatively low cost and easy installation process. As the tank is super reinforced, concrete is not needed and the tank can be fully installed in free  owing granular back ll.

  Length Width Hight Weight ø access INLET hight to base OUTLET hight to base Pipe Diameter Hight
12 Person 2.47m 1.66m 2.08m 200kg 600mm 1.48m 1.43m 110mm 0.3

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