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Kingspan Water AquaBank Rainwater Harvester 1000L

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Kingspan Water AquaBank Rainwater Harvester 1000L
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AquaBank Rainwater Harvester 1000L by Kingspan Water

The AquaBank rainwater harvesting tank is designed with simplicity in mind.

Operating this rainwater harvester does not require a control panel making it a very easy, straightforward installation. Rainwater comes off the roof in the usual way – recovered by guttering and downpipes but is then passed through a filter to screen out debris such as moss and leaves etc. Filtered rainwater is then stored in the subterranean tank from where it can be pumped on demand and at constant pressure to wherever you need it – washing machine, garden hose, sprinkler system - there's a host of uses that don't require mains water.

Garden irrigation
Small vehicle washing
Domestic appliances e.g. washing machines, WC flushing normal way before passing through the filter, which removes any leaves or debris. Rainwater is stored in the underground tank

Key features:

  • Simplified system for rapid installation

  • Quick start setup

  • Kit in box

  • Delivered on a single pallet

  • Easy conversion for header tanks

  • Low energy consumption

  • Designed to BS 8515

Kit Includes:

  1. Intelligent pump 

  2. Pump filter

  3. 3m supply hose 

  4. In-line filter

  5. Solenoid* 

  6. Tundish*

  7. Top-up float* 

  8. Shut-off valve 

  9. Bag of fixings

  10. Manuals

* Direct system only

About Rainwater Harvesters

We're all interested in saving money and looking after the environment and rainwater harvesting ticks both boxes. It's a simple, efficient way to gather rainwater and put it to use rather than using mains water. Rain water harvesting has a wide range of practical applications, from garden irrigation to car washing through to fire sprinklers, toilet flushing and laundry systems so it's versatile, economical and makes good ecological sense too.

You just collect water from your roof surfaces in the normal way – gulleys, guttering and downpipes but rather than it going down the drain you store it in an underground tank or harvester where it's ready and waiting for wherever you need it. When determining what size rainwater harvester you'll need we've provided some information within this site but you will need to think about such factors as rainwater yield versus demand, budget, overflow frequency and any future applications you may have in mind.


About Kingspan Water

Kingspan Water is one of the UK & Ireland's largest provider of rainwater harvesters with an extensive track record of developing packaged solutions. They have many years experience in designing and manufacturing rainwater harvesting systems and we are happy to source these excellent products which have evolved through a combination of their knowledge, experience and the latest technology.

Kingspan Water AquaBank Rainwater Harvester 1000L
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