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RainStore Rainwater Harvester 4000Ltr

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RainStore Rainwater Harvester 4000Ltr
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RainStore Rainwater Harvester 4000Ltr
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RainStore Harvester for direct pressure 4000ltr

Rainstore Underground Rainwater Harvesting Systems -Overview

Rainwater is captured from the specific roof areas and directed via designed drainage to a Rainstore Tank (usually underground). The incoming rainwater is filtered before entry to the tank. Highly efficient and reliable submersible pumps in all our systems deliver the stored water to an appliance on demand. The size of the storage tank is determined by considering the amount of water available for storage. This is determined from the size of the roof area and the local average rainfall and the amount of water likely to be used (a function of buildings occupancy and function). For Domestic applications, it is very important not to over-size the rainwater tank, as an over-sized tank may result in a lower than expected quality of water. We can offer advice on the right system for your property as part of our design package.

Considerations for fitting a rainwater collection system to an existing property :

• The external drainage from the roof needs to be designed or modified to bring the water to a central point being the Rainstore Tank. • Access for the Rainstore Tank and excavation is required.

• Internal plumbing is usually required to be separated out from the normal water supply.

Reasons to install a Rainstore Underground Rainwater Harvesting System :

• Rainwater Harvesting (including rainwater recycling and some versions of grey water recycling) displaces a large proportion of the water that would otherwise be provided by the mains supply - thus reducing overall water supply costs.

• It can provide an off-mains supply for remote areas.

• It enhances a property and can satisfy many of the water requirements of the home

• It can form part of an SuDS scheme, by reducing storm-water runoff and controlling the flow-rate off site.


Volume 4000Ltr

Width 1500mm

Depth 2525mm

Inlet Pipework 110mm

Inlet Invert 450mm

Access Cover 900 x 900

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