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Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap

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Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
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Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
Silt Sentinel 300 Silt Trap
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  • Model: Sentinel300
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For the catchment and removal of silt, debris and litter, before entering a surface water storage system. This model is primarily designed to be installed upstream of smaller sized modular/crate type attenuation systems, ponds and swales.


Robust single piece rota moulded polyethylene body with option of three moulded inlet stubs to fit 110mm EN 1401 pipework and a moulded outlet which can accommodate three pipe options. Comes asstandardwithanintegrated basketwithatelescopicstainlesssteel lifting handle. Optional depths - 665mm & 1500mm

Length 550mm (or with 160mm, 150mm Pipework 600mm wide)

Width 460mm

Inlet 3 x 110mm

Maximum Surface Area 350m2

Depth 665mm

Features & Benefits:

■ Significantly improves water quality downstream of unit by removing silts, debris and litter
■ One-piece unit delivered ready to install, reducing installation time and costs
■ Quick and simple to install, is lightweight and can be lifted and installed by a single person
■ Eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction
■ Factory tested for water tightness
■ Optional depths - 665mm & 1500mm
■ Optional extension risers, offers deeper inverts to suit project
■ Standard Pipework - 3 x 110mm EN 1401 inlets and a 110mm
EN1401 outlet.
■ Optional Outlet pipework - 160mm EN 1401 or 150mm
■ Optional - Filter insert for basket for finer separation
■ Granular Backfill
■ Chemically Resistant

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