Pollution is something we hear about all the time. It happens when substances which can have a detrimental impact on the environment find their way into watercourses, the land or into the atmosphere that we all breathe.

So pollution can affect important things like our health, potable (drinking) water, wildlife and its habitat plus of course the enjoyment we all gain from the environment in various ways. We shouldn't forget that pollution is bad for our business too.

Sometimes we can pollute things that we cannot see - underground water for example,  hidden creatures or their environment.  There are a wide range of materials and substances that pollute - oils, grease, chemicals, sewage to mention just a few examples.

It therefore makes sense to think about your business operation - understand your premises, drainage systems and the risks of unintentional as well as intentional discharge via these systems. Because it's just not possible to avoid spills and leaks completely, you need to implement measures e.g. separators that lessen both the likelihood and seriousness of any environmental impact. This means catching minor spills, overflows or leaks from places where you might be storing substances that pose a threat to your environment and being in a position to clean them up more easily, safely and effectively.