Many customers ask me "is the Ezy drain system better than the traditional drainage field method using gravel and perforated pipe work?"

The answer in a nut shell is that as long as the gravel system is installed correctly there is no difference in performance, but the Ezy drain is much (much) easier to install (hence the name) and a lot less time consuming.

OK so let's compare both methods of installation:

Traditional gravel method:

1 The trench is made 300mm wide and 300mm below invert of pipe work.

2 Trench is filled with 300mm layer of clean shingle or broken stone graded between 20mm and 50mm below the invert of the pipe.

3 Trenches should be filled to a level 50mm above the pipe.

4 Cover with a layer of geotextile to prevent the entry of silt.

5 The remainder of the trench can be filled with soil.

Ezy drain method:

1 Trench is made 300mm wide.

2 Ezydrain is laid in the trench.

3 Cover with geotextile.

4 Backfill.

As you can see Ezydrain will not only save you time but is much easier to get right!

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