8400L Garden Angel Garden Irrigator

8400L Garden Angel Garden Irrigator


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8400L Garden Angel Garden Irrigator 


The Garden Angel


This must be the gardeners’ dream – rain water on tap for all your gardening and other outside water needs. 

Robust construction means that the Garden Angel is simple to install with no concrete filling required.

Rain water is harvested from your roof area, passed through a filter system in the turret of an underground tank, removing any large pieces of debris, e.g. leaves. There is a siphoned overflow fitted to the tank to be connected to the storm drain or soakaway.

The GARDEN ANGEL is designed to be connected to an outside tap or underground hose lock connector. We have a range of systems from 1800 to 10000 litre capacity, so no matter what size garden you have we can provide the right Garden Angel for your needs. 

Inside the tank sits a submersible steel pump which on demand, i.e. when the outside tap is turned on, the pump kicks in and allows the rain water to flow.

Perfect for garden irrigation, car washing and other outside, non-potable uses only.

About Rainwater Harvesters

We're all interested in saving money and looking after the environment and rainwater harvesting ticks both boxes. It's a simple, efficient way to gather rainwater and put it to use rather than using mains water. Rain water harvesting has a wide range of practical applications, from garden irrigation to car washing through to fire sprinklers, toilet flushing and laundry systems so it's versatile, economical and makes good ecological sense too.

You just collect water from your roof surfaces in the normal way – gulleys, guttering and downpipes but rather than it going down the drain you store it in an underground tank or harvester where it's ready and waiting for wherever you need it. When determining what size rainwater harvester you'll need we've provided some information within this site but you will need to think about such factors as rainwater yield versus demand, budget, overflow frequency and any future applications you may have in mind.

About Garden Angel

Garden Angel Rainwater Harvesters are manufactured by Direct Pumps & Tanks - a well established and successful trader in the water pumping industry since 1996. They are one of the leading suppliers of packagepump stations in the UK and their expertise and industry knowledge makes them one our key suppliers when it comes to good quality rain water harvesting equipment.  

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