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Klargester NSBP003 Bypass Oil Separator 1670 m2

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Klargester NSBP003 Bypass Oil Separator 1670 m2
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Klargester NSBP003 Bypass Oil Separator 1670 m2

Klargester NSBP003 Bypass Oil Separator 1670 m2


  • Light and easy to install.

  • Class I and Class II designs.

  • Inclusive of silt storage volume. 

  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors.

  • Oil alarm system available.

  • Vent points within necks.

  • Extension access shafts for deep inverts.

  • Maintenance from ground level.

  • Rotomoulded construction

​Sizing and Specs:


Flow L/S : 3


Peak Flow Rate: 30


Drainage Area m2 : 1670


Storage Capacity Silt : 300L


Storage Capacity Oil : 45L


Unit Length : 1700mm


Unit Diameter : 1350mm


Access Shaft Diameter: 600mm


Base to Inlet Invert : 1420mm


Base to Outlet Invert : 1345mm


Standard Fall Across: 100mm


Minimum Inlet Invert: 500mm


Pipework Diameter : 160mm


About Separators

Separators do what their name suggests – separate out from drainage/run-off waters contaminants that need to be removed before the drainage adversely affects the environment (whether a watercourse or the local groundwater) and/or your drainage system and equipment. Contaminants may include substances such as grease, oil, dissolved oil, petrol, detergents, degreasers or trade effluents.

Where the run-off is coming from a relatively low risk area (e.g. car-park) then what is known as a 'source control approach' using techniques such as permeable surfaces or infiltration trenches might be enough to offer sufficient protection to the local environment and thus obviate the need for a separator system. There are a variety of separator systems available for various business needs and these are explained at length within this site, plus helpful links to the Environment Agency website.

About Klargester

Founded in 1955 and now part of Kingspan Environmental (a division of the Kingspan Group Plc) Klargester is a company with an international reputation specialising in the manufacture of packaged pollution control products. With a number of 'firsts' to its credit it has developed a range of innovative products, some of which have revolutionised methods of dealing with the treatment of sewage on sites where mains drainage is not available. As recognised leaders in the design and manufacture of off-mains drainage solutions we confidently supply and install Klargester products.



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