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FS Effluent Septic Tank Pumping Station 1200L

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FS Effluent Septic Tank Pumping Station 1200L
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The FS Effluent 1200L is a pre-assembled, ready for use automatic pumping station.

To handle clean, dirty or slightly polluted water.

Ideal for pumping effluent from septic tanks or sewage treatment plants, but can also be used for cellars, small sumps and pumping out rain water.

This pumping station has the following features:


  • Stainless steel motor casing.
  • Coolant filled motor.
  • Mechanical seal.
  • 10 metre cable.
  • 6 metre lift.
  • Float switch as standard.


  • Polyethylene tank.
  • 1200L capacitie.
  • Screw down lid.
  • 1X 110mm/160mm inlets. (Variable Inlet Depth)

Special audible/visual alarm control box available.



Diameter: 1000mm



About Packaged Pump Stations

Packaged pump stations are used when drainage by means of gravity cannot be achieved. In such situations, the waste enters an underground storage chamber and is then pumped to the main sewer or drain etc.

Packaged pump stations can handle both foul water (sewage) and surface water applications and equally can be used for grey water from sinks, showers, kitchens and dishwashers as well as nuisance water and surface water drainage.


About DP & T

DP & T offer a wide range of packaged pumping stations for sewage and surface water. They have much expertise in this field - their pumping systems are designed to have a 24 hour storage capacity and are manufactured to meet the relevant BS standards.




FS Effluent Septic Tank Pumping Station 1200L
Overall Height1500mm

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