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Rain Box 1800 Water Harvesting System

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Rain Box 1800 Water Harvesting System
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Rain Box 1800 Rainwater Harvesting System

Replace mains water with water collected from your roof.
Rain Box Harvesting Systems are ideal for supplying water for toilet flushing, washing machines, and outdoor uses such as garden irrigation, car washing etc.
They can protect your garden and precious lawn or shrubs from drought, and dramatically reduce your water bills.
So when there’s a hosepipe ban, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bird bath.

The process is simple:

Rain water is firstly collected from your roof area, and then routed through the ‘VF1’ filter system which removes any large items of roof debris such as moss, twigs, leaves etc.
Filtered water then passes into the underground tank via a calmed inlet. This is designed to avoid disturbing any sediment that may have collected at the bottom of the tank.
Excess water will exit via a siphoned overflow fitted to the tank, which in turn is connected to a storm drain or soakaway. So there’s never any risk of building up too much water.
​Inside the tank is a submersible steel pump which works on demand, for example when a tap is turned on or a toilet is flushed. This activates the pump and permits the stored water to flow.
The beauty of the RAIN BOX system is that it is designed to ensure that harvested rain water is used before mains water which obviously has significant benefits if you are on a water meter. However, when there is not enough stored rainwater in the underground tank to supply demand, then RAIN BOX hands over to the mains water supply, so you can be sure of water flow whenever you need it
An added advantage of the RAIN BOX system is size – it’s a small, compact system, so it’s easily stored and kept out of sight.

About Rainwater Harvesters

We're all interested in saving money and looking after the environment and rainwater harvesting ticks both boxes. It's a simple, efficient way to gather rainwater and put it to use rather than using mains water. Rain water harvesting has a wide range of practical applications, from garden irrigation to car washing through to fire sprinklers, toilet flushing and laundry systems so it's versatile, economical and makes good ecological sense too.
You just collect water from your roof surfaces in the normal way – gulleys, guttering and downpipes but rather than it going down the drain you store it in an underground tank or harvester where it's ready and waiting for wherever you need it. When determining what size rainwater harvester you'll need we've provided some information within this site but you will need to think about such factors as rainwater yield versus demand, budget, overflow frequency and any future applications you may have in mind.

About Rain Box

Rain Box rainwater harvesters are manufactured by Direct Pumps & Tanks - a well established and successful trader in the water pumping industry since 1996. They are one of the leading suppliers of packaged pump stations in the UK and their expertise and industry knowledge makes them one our key suppliers when it comes to good quality rain water harvesting equipment.

Rain Box 1800 Water Harvesting System

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