Tricel Rainwater Harvesting System 7700L


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Tricel Domestic Rainwater Harvesters

Submersible pump option – can be installed above or below ground with no need for concrete backfill.

Tricel are one of the leading suppliers of rainwater harvesting technology – here are the key features of the Tricel range of rainwater harvesters that we can offer:

·         Underground tank

·         Submersible pump

·         Floating suction fitting

·         Pressure switch

·         Mains back-up Potable Water Feed Set

·         Tri-Cel VF Filter 

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of capturing rainwater in a holding tank from hard surfaces e.g. roof area and then putting it to use for both household and commercial applications such as garden irrigation, flushing toilets, washing machines and vehicle washing etc. Rainwater must not be used for drinking (potable) water, food preparation or personal hygiene etc of course, but it is nonetheless a valuable source of water which can help reduce consumption of potable water.


We can offer two options with the Tricel Rainwater Harvester:

Pressure Vessel (Pumped) System - Stored rainwater is pumped at normal mains pressure directly from the holding tank to the application. There is a mains water connection fitted to the holding tank, which can acts as a substitute when rainwater levels are insufficient. This mains water contingency is monitored to make sure only a minimum amount of mains water is used. Because this system is pressurised there is no need for an elevated tank.

Header Tank (Non-Pressurised) System - This design is a combination of pressurised and gravity fed system. Stored rainwater is pumped from the holding tank to an elevated tank and then fed by gravity to where it is needed. The mains water back up is normally connected the elevated tank, which ensures a continuous supply of water when rainwater is depleted and during any cut to power supply.

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About Rainwater Harvesters

We're all interested in saving money and looking after the environment and rainwater harvesting ticks both boxes. It's a simple, efficient way to gather rainwater and put it to use rather than using mains water. Rain water harvesting has a wide range of practical applications, from garden irrigation to car washing through to fire sprinklers, toilet flushing and laundry systems so it's versatile, economical and makes good ecological sense too.

You just collect water from your roof surfaces in the normal way – gulleys, guttering and downpipes but rather than it going down the drain you store it in an underground tank or harvester where it's ready and waiting for wherever you need it. When determining what size rainwater harvester you'll need we've provided some information within this site but you will need to think about such factors as rainwater yield versus demand, budget, overflow frequency and any future applications you may have in mind.

About Tricel

Tricel® is a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting tanks in the UK. Tricel believes that increasing demands on water due to climate change makes it vital for everyone to plan for the future, and that rain water harvesting is an effective solution in alleviating these pressures. We share this vision and confidently supply Tricel rainwater harvesting products which feature leaf filter, calmed inlet and pump (if needed) plus holding tank, outlet and overflow.

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