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Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter

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Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter
Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter
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Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter
Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter

Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK 

The SILTBLOK SSSB1200 model is designed for installation upstream of large volume, cellular/crate – attenuation systems, ponds, swales and irrigation systems.

1200mm diameter, single piece - factory built units, delivered to site ready to install. SILTBLOK units featurearobust,impactresistant,twinwallbody,withachoiceofmainchannelpipework diameters from 110mm up to 600mm, with extra inlets available on request. (See Plan View below for options).

Integrally the SILTBLOK unit has a unique filter barrier, which is made up of four micro porous plastic sections, which are manufactured from 100% waste plastics. This unique and innovative filter design will drain water very quickly but the structure retains water which helps repel silt. So the screen will not clog or blind, offering an exceptional yet simple sustainable solution. The filter has a permeable area of 50%, so provides exceptional flow, whilst blocking up to 95% of even the finest of silt.Please Note : Units are not supplied with an access cover


  • Single piece unit delivered ready to install, reducing installation time and costs
  • Offers significant onsite savings against PCC and other traditional construction methods, as they need no construction or wet trades
  • Eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction
  • Unique SILTBLOK filter and debris barrier - manufactured from
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Robust, chemical resistant- twinwall body
  • Available in three depths -1560mm, 2036mm & 2496mm
  • Large range of pipework options available from 110mm EN
  • 1401 to 600mm twinwall
  • Option of fitted ladders
  • Access shafts can be trimmed to suit required invert
  • 500mm sump depth
  • Can be installed in granular backfill
  • Simple maintenance
  • 60 year Design Life
  • Manufactured in the UK

Silt Sentinel SILTBLOK - 1200mm Diameter
Overall Height1560mm, 2036mm, 2496mm, 3016mm

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