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Accesso Sampling Chamber

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 Accesso Sampling Chamber
 Accesso Sampling Chamber
 Accesso Sampling Chamber
 Accesso Sampling Chamber

The Accesso Multi-Depth Sampling Chamber

The accesso sampling chamber enables simple access for inspection of the final effluent quality, either visually or by direct sampling.

The chamber is lightweight but extremely robust, manufactured from plastic twinwall, which can be installed in granular surround.

The chamber is anti - corrosive. The inlet grommet is supplied separately to be installed as required to suit levels on site. The hole needs to be 138mm to take the grommett.

*Standard chamber invert is 1230mm, with a additional risers being available

About Sampling Cambers

Sampling Points or Sampling Chambers should be installed in the drainage line on the outlet side of Septic Tanks and Wastewater Treatment Plants to allow necessary sampling to check the quality of the discharge from the system before it enters the watercourse.

Sampling of Septic Tanks and Wastewater Treatment Plants is a requirement of all UK Water Authorities, and is included in the 'consent to discharge' issued by the Environment Agency. Building Regulations H2 1.23 States “The inlet and outlet pipes of a Septic Tank should be provided with access for sampling and inspection” The inlet of the sampling chamber must be a minimum of 150mm up from the base of the chamber to facilitate a sampling vessel/cup and the outlet must be at the base of the chamber. The internal diameter should be a minimum of 300mm to allow access for a sampling vessel/cup.

Accesso Sampling Chamber
Overall Height1230mm

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