Klargester Biotec 2 IPS (Up To 12 Population)

Klargester Biotec 2 IPS (Up To 12 Population)


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The Klargester Biotec IPS (internal Pump System)

This unit is one of the products that Klargester used to pioneer sewage treatment to domestic dwellings - it is currently the most installed sewage treatment plant in the UK and Ireland.

It is ideally used for discharge to a soakaway (drainage field) or a water course (subject to local regulations).


Certificated to European Standard EN-12566

In 2005, the Biotec™ underwent 40 weeks of stringent testing to assess its treatment efficiency to comply with the European Standard for small treatment plants.

After delivering consistently high levels of pollution removal under varying loads and conditions, Biotec™ was awarded its Performance Certificate

Only products that hold an EN-12566 certificate are approved for an exemption from a permit to discharge under the new EPP2 environmental legislation.




Klargester sewage treatment plants are available in a range of sizes – they can handle the sewage disposal needs of a 2 bedroom house right up to a building used by 300 people.

The Klargester Biotec is suitable for applications up to 25 people and is ideal for the following applications:

·         Individual dwellings.

·         Small constructions.

·         Suitable for small - medium sized commercial properties.

·         Upgrading your existing septic tank.

Features and Benefits

·         No moving parts within the unit - low running costs and maintenance.

·         Low profile lockable cover - safe for children and pets.

·         Managed air flow - minimises risk of bad smell nuisance. 

·         Many different options - suits all situations.


 Daily flow
BOD* load
Wt empty
approx. (kg)
Outside dia. (m)Depth (m)
Biotec™-1 IPS1.20.362201.92.2
Biotec™- 22.40.722171.92.7
Biotec™- 2 IPS2.40.722601.92.7
Biotec™- 33.61.104452.72.6
Biotec™- 3 IPS3.61.104712.72.6
Biotec™- 45.01.504702.72.6
Biotec™- 4 IPS5.01.504952.72.6
 Inlet invert (m)Inlet invert to base (m)Outlet invert (m)Motor rating (watts) 
Biotec™-1 IPS1.0*1.20.60560 
Biotec™- 21.0*1.71.10060 
Biotec™- 2 IPS1.0*1.70.60560 
Biotec™- 31.0*1.61.100150 
Biotec™- 3 IPS1.0*1.60.605150 
Biotec™- 41.0*1.61.100150 
Biotec™- 4 IPS1.0*1.60.655150 

* Wastewater from sewage treatment plants contains organic materials that are decomposed by microorganisms, which make use of oxygen in the process – the amount of oxygen consumed by these organisms in breaking down the waste is known as the ‘biochemical oxygen demand’ or BOD.


Sewage Treatment Plant Properly Registered?

Under the new EPP2 regulations, only septic tanks with the EN12566-3 2005 Certification are allowed to register for the Discharge Permit or Exemption now required by the Environment Agency for all new septic tanks or older tanks which were not previously registered with the Environment Agency for 'Consent to discharge'.

For more important information on the relevant legislation and how this may affect you please take a  look at our Sewage Disposal Legislation page.

If you would like UK Septic Tanks to register your Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant with the Environment Agency then please go to our Registration Service page.

About Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are rapidly becoming the non-mains drainage replacement of choice for septic tank owners. This doesn't surprise us since they represent a better environmental and durable response to the challenge of not being connected to mains drainage.


Sewage Treatment Plants harness the process of aerobic digestion of bacteria - the most common form of life on the planet. As solid matter settles it gets decomposed by oxygen (hence aerobic) fed bacteria – the coarser solids need longer to be worked on and sludge of settled solids accumulates inside the plant, which will need removing at intervals (usually annually) but dependent upon the specific size and type of plant.


Largely unseen, quiet and watertight these subterranean units receive all the sewage water and waste from your home or business. They are usually made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) so they're durable and robust. At the end of the bacterial digestion process is an effluent which is surprisingly clean and can be discharged into the ground (soakaway) or a nearby watercourse. This of course is subject to legislation and we recommend you take some time to understand the regulations that are involved.


About Klargester

Founded in 1955 and now part of Kingspan Environmental (a division of the Kingspan Group Plc) Klargester is a company with an international reputation specialising in the manufacture of packaged pollution control products. With a number of 'firsts' to its credit it has developed a range of innovative products, some of which have revolutionised methods of dealing with the treatment of sewage on sites where mains drainage is not available As recognised leaders in the design and manufacture of off-mains drainage solutions we confidently supply and install Klargester products.

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