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Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System

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Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System
Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System
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Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System
Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System

Clearwater Delta 1 Sewage Treatment System for up to 6 People


The best designs are the simplest. So if you require trouble free sewage treatment, you’re sure to be impressed with the Delta. Fluidised, fixed-film biozones are used as the operating process, resulting in a cleaner, quieter and more efficient treatment plant.


• Unobtrusive below ground installation.

• Suitability for varying invert levels.

• Excellent durability.

• Low profile results in shallow

depth excavation.

• Simple maintenance with easy desludging.

• Sludge recycle pump in the final settlement tank.

• Compliant with BS EN-12566 Part 3.

• Proven standards of discharge - 20mg/l BOD, 30mg/l S.S. and 10mg/l ammonia in domestic applications.


Have You Got a Grease Trap?

The Building Regulations (Approved Part H) requires any hot food premises to install BS EN1825 Grease traps /interceptors in its drain runs.
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About Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are rapidly becoming the non-mains drainage replacement of choice for septic tank owners. This doesn't surprise us since they represent a better environmental and durable response to the challenge of not being connected to mains drainage.
Sewage Treatment Plants harness the process of aerobic digestion of bacteria - the most common form of life on the planet. As solid matter settles it gets decomposed by oxygen (hence aerobic) fed bacteria – the coarser solids need longer to be worked on and sludge of settled solids accumulates inside the plant, which will need removing at intervals (usually annually) but dependent upon the specific size and type of plant.
Largely unseen, quiet and watertight these subterranean units receive all the sewage water and waste from your home or business. They are usually made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) so they're durable and robust. At the end of the bacterial digestion process is an effluent which is surprisingly clean and can be discharged into the ground (soakaway) or a nearby watercourse. This of course is subject to legislation and we recommend you take some time to understand the regulations that are involved.

About Clearwater

Clearwater pollution control was established in 1978 and has a proven track record in the design and manufature of waste water treatment systems. They have produced a range of systems for waste water handling and also offer good quality, simplified rainwater harvesting systems for the home and garden controlled by a pump, suitable for either direct or gravity fed applications. 

Clearwater Delta 1 (6 Person) Sewage Treatment System
Domestic Population6
Overall Height1727mm 2027mm 2277mm
Inlet Invert450mm 750mm 1000mm
Outlet Invert550mm 850mm 1100mm

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