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Graf One2Clean 10 (2 x 3750L) Twin Tank

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Graf One2Clean 10 (2 x 3750L) Twin Tank
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Graf One2Clean 10 Person (2 x 3750L)

Only one tank with only one chamber required 3 Less energy consumption and less wear
No mechanical elements in the waste water
No pumps in the waste water
No electrical components in the waste water
Incredibly little sewage sludge


May avoid the need for a pumped outlet

Increases fall on outlet pipework

Potential to raise up level of drainage field which could have several benefits.

Benefits of the Graf system

Extremely strong & robust injection moulded underground tank
No concrete required, just gravel base and backfill
Completely groundwater stable up to the centre line
CE Certified system to EN 12566-3
Market leading effluent quality of 7, 14, 0.5 guaranteed on a 95 percentile basis. SBR Technology
Integrated sampling chamber at no extra cost
No moving parts inside the tank, easy to install, easy to maintain.
Plug in and play system, no wiring required
15 year warranty on the tank, 3 years on compressor and parts, German engineered
Low energy consumption of just 75 kwh
Silent operation
Programmable holiday mode
15 Years Warranty on reservoir
3 Years Warranty on technology

one2clean only needs 3 steps to produce clear water
The wastewater treatment is carried out in one chamber in just one tank. This eliminates unnecessary pumping processes and sludge return.
one2clean is odourless
The entire waste water is immediately activated with oxygen using the unique one2clean technology. The final process of the one2clean produces an odour- less, clear treated water for extraction to soakaway or waterway” *
one2clean already meets the needs of tomorrow
The one2clean wastewater treatment system can achieve sustainable discharge values with an efficiency factor of up to 99%! This offers high investment security – even if legal requirements become stricter.

Have You Got a Grease Trap?

The Building Regulations (Approved Part H) requires any hot food premises to install BS EN1825 Grease traps /interceptors in its drain runs.
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Graf One2Clean 10 (2 x 3750L) Twin Tank
Domestic Population 10
Overall Height 1880mm
Width 1755mm
Length 5060mm
Inlet Invert 1680mm
Outlet Invert 1400mm
Weight 300

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