Tricel UK24 Novo Sewage Treatment Plant

Tricel UK24 Novo Sewage Treatment Plant

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Tricel New Super Eco Treatment Plants

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New Super Eco Range Better EN 12566-3 Performance


This 24 population sewage treatment plant is suitable for granular installations - its solid structure avoids the need for using large amounts of concrete.


  • High Performance - Low Consumption
  • Shallow invert 
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easily de-sludged
  • Quiet operation
  • Manhole Risers Available

European Certification requirement for Sewage Treatment Plants

Tricel Tanks achieving the European standard

The Tricel sewage treatment plant has successfully passed these tests and is approved to the New European standard EN 12566-3

The Tricel system was placed through a rigorous 38-Week test, by the certifier laboratory PIA GmbH-Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology in Auchan, Germany. The Biological tests carried out in Aachen on the Tricel System provides us Knowledge that our product is still the best in the Business with a treatment efficiency of 95.7% of BOD5 and 95.4% for S:S. Structural testing (leak test, crush test & Durability test) was carried out by PIA staff at our headquarters in Kilarney and the range of tanks up to p50 successfully passed all of the required test.

CE Performance Requirements: 20/30

Tricel Result:11/16

Included audible and visual alarm system.


This sewage treatment system was adopted to fulfil a need to provide exceptional wastewater treatment on sites that are unsuitable for a standard septic tank. With the introduction of BS Standards EN12566-3, only treatment systems that have received European Certification can be installed. 

The waste is treated through a mechanical aeration process. The level of treatment achieved enables the effluent to be discharged into a watercourse subject to receiving the relevant consent to discharge from the local regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency for England and Wales, Scottish Environment Agency for Scotland and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for Northern Ireland. 

Tricel was awarded the CE mark after successfully completing 9 months of rigorous testing by the certified laboratory PIA Gmbh Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology in Aachen, Germany.








Overall Height (to ground level)1910mm
Overall Length5600mm
Overall Width1640mm
Inlet invert to base1375mm
Outlet invert to base1300mm





Have You Got a Grease Trap?

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