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Septic Tank Conversion

Is Your Septic Tank Failing?

If so, the good news is that you might not need to install a complete sewage treatment plant!

If your septic tank is failing and getting smelly or your ground conditions have changed and you can no longer discharge effluent into the soil, you might not need to have a complete sewage system installed and your old septic tank pulled out, instead you could install one of the new septic tank conversion units and your old septic tank becomes a sewage treatment plant!

Here are your options:

Option 1 Electrically operated septic tank conversion unit, otherwise known as the "Biocel" sewage treatment system.


This unit operates on a small amount of electricity and is very economical to run and requires little maintenance. Treatment quality is outstanding, it is usually easy to install as it's compact and made of high quality fibreglass. The Biocel meets all the new EU standards for direct discharge to a watercourse, meaning that your discharge pipe can be plumbed directly into a pond or a large watercourse. The Biocel can also be fitted with a pumped outlet for applications where the levels are not perfect.


Option 2 Non-Electric septic tank conversion unit

Unlike the "Biocel" the nonelectrical treatment plants as the name indicates have no electrical parts.

They also have on paper very long de-sludge intervals averaging 3-4 years, and will accept sanitary items such as tampons etc. They have no moving parts to breakdown and work entirely on air movement but does require considerable maintanace at times because of being a filter system.

 So don't rush out and replace your existing septic tank because it is failing, give it a new lease of life with a septic tank conversion unit, please call us on 01296 326 111 for more information and advice.

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