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Septic Tank Emptying

 Septic Tank Emptying

 It is both necessary and important to have your septic tank or sewage treatment plant emptied annually to ensure proper functioning of the unit, but there are a few factors to bear in mind before having your tank or treatment plant emptied:

Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants should never be completely emptied - there should always be a small amount of sludge left in-situ at the bottom of the tank to ensure bacteria continues to breed in the unit. This guidance applies to both septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

 Once the tank is empty it is a good idea to introduce a bacteria based additive like Bioactiv. This ensures a healthy level of continued bacterial activity, which improves the performance of your waste treatment unit and prevents nasty smells from building up inside.


Make sure you use a reputable company to empty your tank (see below). Most damage done to septic tanks or sewage treatment plants happens during emptying by the high pressure hoses that are used in the emptying process.

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