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17 Mar Recommendations for Installation
Jonathan 0 3199
If you are getting ready to install a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant here are a few things to bare in mind1 Make sure you have all your materials on site before installation There are several problems that can occur if we haven't organised the materials with plenty of time, even though at The Drainage Company we can deliver most materials ..
29 Jan How far from a building does a septic tank/treatment plant need to be?
Jonathan 0 6687
Mr Smith from Basingstoke Question: How far does a septic tank need to be from a building?Answer: As far as building regulations are concerned here is what they say:"Septic tanks should be sited at least 7m from any habitable parts of buildings, and preferably downslope."As for the soakaway/drainage field this should be as followsat least 10m from ..
16 Oct Graf Sewage Treatment Plant Review
0 4518
Yes Graf the German water harvesting giant has entered the world of sewage treatment, the question is are they any good?OverviewGraf have two models on the market the Klaro and the One2Clean both models are based around the Graf Carat tank made from HDPE (high density polyurethane)making these units very sturdy simple to install the differences bet..
17 Sep New Conder ASP HDPE Sewage Treatment Plant Review
Jonathan 0 3725
The all new Conder ASP HDPE (High Density Polyurethane) Sewage Treatment PlantHDPE or High Density Polyurethane seems to be coming ever more popular as a material used in the construction industry for underground tanks whether they are oil, sewage or water it is becoming the go to material, why?High Density Polyurethane is a very robust and durable..
13 May Getting The Levels Right
Jonathan 0 3521
If you are getting ready to install a septic tank or a new drainage run you will need to be able to get your levels right here is how you do it:First find out what fall you will need on the drains:Minimum gradient for surface water drainage = 1:100Minimum gradient for foul water drainage = 1:40 (1:80 if wc connected)CalculatingFall = Distance ÷ Rat..
23 Jan Klargester Biodisc Review
Jonathan 0 4686
You may have heard of the name, maybe someone referred to your sewage system as a Biodisc or a Klargester.Klargester has become a household name to many just like we refer to our vacuum cleaner as a Hoover but just like Hoover Klargester isn't the only manufacturer that produces the goods there are many others, even so Klargester where the first so..
20 Jan Why Protect the Environment?
0 1403
Pollution is something we hear about all the time. It happens when substances which can have a detrimental impact on the environment find their way into watercourses, the land or into the atmosphere that we all breathe.So pollution can affect important things like our health, potable (drinking) water, wildlife and its habitat plus of course the enj..
14 Jan Cesspits and Cesspools
0 1505
What are Cesspits and Cesspools used for?If you live in a rural area with no access to mains drainage you may need to install a cesspit (also known as a cesspool) but this is really a last resort sewage system. Unlike a septic tank or sewage treatment plant a cesspit does not discharge waste water (above or below ground) it is just a very large hol..
08 Jan Septic Tank Soakaway
Jonathan 0 1898
Is your soak away failing on your septic tank?  If so here is some information you will find usefulFirst of all what are the symptoms of a failing septic tank soak away? Septic tank backing up and over flowing, if your soak away has failed your septic tank will fill up very quickly, it could be also that you have a high water table where you live a..
23 Dec Environment Agency and the Septic Tank
Jonathan 0 1705
Is it true that I can no longer have a septic tank according to the Environment Agency? On the whole this is not true - you may be able to have a septic tank and still conform to the Environment Agency's regulations!Here is what they stipulate about any septic tank:Discharge is to ground and is of 2 cubic metres per day or less via a septic tank an..
22 Nov Septic Tank Problems?
0 1147
Septic tanks may be unseen, and they quietly get on dealing with waste but they are not immune from trouble - the time will come when they need either attention, conversion or replacement.They are subject to a range of problems - overflowing, blockage or bad odours and often these symptoms can be traced to a failing or blocked soakaway. Every septi..
20 Nov Is Your Soak-away/Drainage Field Failing?
Jonathan 0 3065
We're often asked what should be done about a soakaway that's just not up to the job.Well, if it’s a simple blockage near the outlet from the septic tank, high pressure water jetting just might shift it but if this makes little or no difference then it’s probably time to get your shovel out – but before you start digging you might want to save a lo..
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