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Septic Tank Regulations 2020

New Septic Tank Regulations In 2020

To get straight to the point what is changing in 2020 with regards to septic tanks?
Well in a nutshell if you have an existing septic tank that discharges in to a watercourse, river, stream etc... you will have to either upgrade to a sewage treatment plant or install a drainage field system (for more info on drainage fields click here), because the discharge from a septic tank isn't clean enough for this kind of use and will cause pollution.

So what do you need to do?

If your septic tank is discharging waste to a watercourse you don't need to panic as you still have some time to find a solution, do some research in to the following:

Option 1

Replace existing septic tank for Sewage Treatment Plants

First work out sizing, see our page on Sizing a Sewage Treatment Plant

Compare different models, this can seem like a minefield but as long as the plants conform to the EN12566-3 than it will be certified to discharge to a watercourse (you will still need to check to see if your watercourse is in one of the EA's Protected Zones have a look at the EA's Groundwater Source Protection Zones Map) if you can't make up your mind please give us a call and we can explain the pros and cons of the different models.

Option 2 

See if you can discharge to a Drainage Field instead of the watercourse.

First you will need to carry out a percolation test, please see our page on Septic Tank Soakaways

If your percolation test works out and you can situate the Drainage Field at the required distance from the watercourse this may be a good option for you.

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