You may have heard of the name, maybe someone referred to your sewage system as a Biodisc or a Klargester.

Klargester has become a household name to many just like we refer to our vacuum cleaner as a Hoover but just like Hoover Klargester isn't the only manufacturer that produces the goods there are many others, even so Klargester where the first so lets have a look at its flagship product the Biodisc.

Why is it different?

The Klargester Biodisc is the only sewage treatment plant to use the Rotating Biological Contactor technology, it still uses the three stage treatment method (sludge retention-treatment-setlement) but in the treatment area (2nd stage) stead of using a compressor or small pump to oxygenate the effluent it uses the rotating disks.


The Biodisc has in the past had a bad reputation for poor reliability but this is mostly been because of householders not maintaining the plant adequately causing main components to breakdown, an other issue can be shoddy installation, if the Biodisc is setup wrong the tank can become prone to break drive belts and bearings can wear out very quickly.

The other problem for some people can be the visual impact of the tank as it has a large lid that can't be covered over easily as it is the main access hatch to the treatment plant


Klargester has been manufacturing the Biodisc for decades now the plant has been improved over the years and it isn't Klargester's flagship product for nothing, all in it is a well made reliable product yes it needs to be maintained regularly and has a big lid but many contractors will not install anything else, it is one of the most used treatment plants in the UK and Ireland that must stand for something.

Should I buy one?

If you are on a budget the answer would be no as the Biodisc is a premium product with a premium price tag, there are other sewage treatment plants that are much more cost effective and just as reliable, but if you want to tap in to Klargesters years of experience in the sewage industry and have the budget to allow it the Klargester Biodisc is for you.