If you are getting ready to install a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant here are a few things to bare in mind

1 Make sure you have all your materials on site before installation 

There are several problems that can occur if we haven't organised the materials with plenty of time, even though at The Drainage Company we can deliver most materials quickly within 3-5 working days and we can specify a delivery day, saying this anything can happen with the delivery, it could be delayed, there could be a accident, breakdown etc... Imagine this situation we have ordered our septic tank and we have ordered a concrete delivery for the tank for the morning after but the tank delivery is delayed due to a accident or breakdown, we could end up wasting money with labor on site not working and potentially lose all the concrete we ordered, so the best thing is to have the materials including the septic tank or sewage treatment plant on site before we start installation.

2 Make sure to read the installation manual 

Each septic tank and treatment plant has a specific installation manual, some can be installed without concrete backfill others must be installed with concrete others may need a concrete base but then can have a granular backfill, in any case the manual will specify the quantity of backfill the recommended installation depths electrical requirements etc... so as not to void the warrantee we would need to read the manual and follow the instructions first.

I you would like the manual for any of our products we would be very happy to supply you with one just call on 01296326111 or email sales@ukseptictanks.co.uk

3 Consult Building Regs

Its always best to consult the building authorities in your area before proceeding they may have some specific requirements in your area and may be able to give you some useful advice if you have a difficult site, we will always be ready to offer advice but the ultimate say will be from the building control.

Hope these points are useful and your installation is successful