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Super Low Profile Septic Tank 3080L

Super Low Profile Septic Tank 3080L
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Super Low Profile Septic Tank 3080L
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  • Model: EPURBLOC6
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The Epurbloc P6 Super Low Profile Septic Tank With Built in Filter System

3080L 6 Population tank

Here are some of the advantages that this Super Low Profile Septic Tank offers:

Reinforced rib construction means no need for concrete backfill (unbreakable)
Advanced Eco Medium filter system means no more blockages
Ultra Low Profile only 1m invert
Lightweight - weighs just 119 kg - can be lifted by 2 people.
EN12566-1 European Standard certified.
Fits into a transit or equivalent size van.


Have You Got a Grease Trap?

The Building Regulations (Approved Part H) requires any hot food premises to install BS EN1825 Grease traps /interceptors in its drain runs.
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About Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are like sewage treatment plants – just on a smaller scale.They are chambered,vary in size (typical capacities 2800-5000 litres) and are used for properties with no mains drainage connection.Septic tanks have an inlet from the waste pipe of the property and an outlet into the drainage field or soak-away. The term “septic” refers to the process of anaerobic bacteria (does not need lots of oxygen) breaking down and mineralizing waste discharged into the tank.
When waste enters the first chamber, solids settle and a surface scum forms a 'crust'. Settled solids then get digested by the bacteria and the remaining liquid waste enters the second and third chambers where more settlement of the waste happens – are you keeping up? Finally, excess water flows out via the outlet to the drainage field for further treatment from the soil. Any remaining solid waste must be removed periodically by tanker.

About Tricel

Tricel® is a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting tanks in the UK. Tricel believes that increasing demands on water due to climate change makes it vital for everyone to plan for the future, and that rain water harvesting is an effective solution in alleviating these pressures. We share this vision and confidently supply Tricel rainwater harvesting products which feature leaf filter, calmed inlet and pump (if needed) plus holding tank, outlet and overflow. 

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